About us


Trauma Treatment International provides psychological services to victims of organised violence and support to the organisations that care for them, anywhere in the world. 

Torture, trafficking, slavery and other forms of extreme trauma do immense harm, long after the violence has ended.  Families and the support networks of victims of trauma also carry a heavy burden. And those who work in organisations caring for survivors often suffer from vicarious trauma and burnout.

Escaping torture, trafficking or slavery is just the first step towards recovery.   We use evidence-based psychological therapies, working directly with those suffering the most extreme emotional pain, to help rebuild fulfilling lives. 

Our organisation brings together the expertise gained by several decades of work with traumatised populations in a range of geographical and political situations in conflict environments and stable settings.

We set up TTI because we believe that working both with victims and the organisations that care for them is the best way to help recovery, build capacity and develop resilience. Through organisational assessments and support for self-care and burnout prevention, we seek to increase effectiveness and foster lasting change.

Our practice is evidence-based.  Whilst good techniques exist for treating trauma, knowledge of best practice is still in relative infancy.  We plan to learn from, and contribute to, the scientific research evidence in this field in order to help healing.


Our values


We know that torture, trafficking, slavery and other forms of organised violence attempt to destroy the human.  We believe that warmth, kindness and respect must guide every response.

We work together

We value human connections: for themselves, to increase knowledge and for their power to facilitate psychological healing. We will collaborate with organisations of every scale because we believe in working together.

We listen and we change

Only by listening, learning, reflecting and adapting can we help those who have suffered most.  We believe, particularly when working internationally, that learning is a two way street and the richness and the value of the work derives from this.

We work within a human rights based framework

We define survivors of torture, trafficking and slavery according to the relevant UN conventions but we will also acknowledge that the psychological distress caused by organised violence spills over beyond these boundaries: to families, communities and the organisations working to support them. We see healing and human rights as indissoluble.


We are informed by research on the psychological impact of trauma and the evidence for the effectiveness of various treatment methods.  We acknowledge the limitation of the existing evidence and we believe in expanding scientific knowledge in this area. 

We practise what we preach

Our intention is to have a working environment that models these values. We recognise the toll that working with trauma has on staff, and the adverse impact this can have on the people that they are seeking to help. We will create a working environment that promotes psychological wellbeing and protects against vicarious trauma.

Our work is used to inform and improve the wider political and social environment for victims
— Dr Brock Chisholm



Trauma Treatment International 

Registered Charity Number 1175429