London Marathon Update

Rob Lewis - TT Intl Trustee

Rob Lewis - TT Intl Trustee

A big thank you to Rob and our supporters! At the end of April, our trustee Rob Lewis, ran the London Marathon in support of our work here at TTI. Below you can read about his experience of the day and about how much he raised!

I said I would report back after the race…

… Well, I am pleased to report that I bettered my target in the London Marathon, finishing in 3 hours 44 minutes, and thereby beating my 2007 time by 11 minutes. So, despite suffering aching legs at the moment, I am enjoying the glow of success.

In every respect it was a really special event. The weather conditions were just about perfect: cool, cloudy, not much wind and no rain. The race organisation was superb. The volunteer helpers were really friendly and helpful. There was great comradeship amongst all the participants. And the public lining the streets up to five deep were shouting non-stop encouragement like crazy.

It was also a very special event because 2019 marks the accumulation of over £1 billion raised for charities by London Marathon participants since it started in 1981, an awesome achievement! And part of that total is over £4000 in sponsorship that has been so generously donated to Trauma Treatment International via my JustGiving page. 

Just to remind you, Trauma Treatment International helps the survivors of torture, human trafficking, slavery and war by improving their access to treatment for psychological trauma. Through their network of specialists, they give best-practice training to the organisations who are already supporting trauma victims, enabling them to provide the most effective trauma treatments.  In this way, more victims, wherever they are in the world, get the right support they need to recover.

It is a small, young organisation, but with a global mission, and it really needs funding support to grow. I have been working with them for almost a year as a volunteer management consultant and I have recently become a trustee.

And if any of you have not yet had a chance to donate or were waiting to see if I finished the marathon first (!), then the URL to my JustGiving page is still open for business for a little while yet:

You can see the original post about Rob planning to run the London Marathon here